Garden Route – Day 5

Animal adventures! This was one of my favorite days. We went to the Cat Park, Monkeyland, and Knysa Elephant Park.

The Cat Park was filled with lions, tigers, leopards, hyenas, and some other wild animals. They were all rescued from abusive settings, such as circuses, illegal pet owners, etc.

Monkeyland was similar – the monkeys were rescued from zoos and illegal pet holders. They are placed in this sanctuary, free roaming, to learn how to be monkeys again. We learned that monkeys DO NOT make good home pets, as they begin to compete with other humans in the house and potentially seriously harm their owners. The monkeys came very close to us, but we were not allowed to touch them.

The best place we went was Knysa Elephant Park. We were able to feed, pet, and take pictures with the elephants. They were wonderful!!!

P1000311 P1000281 P1000241 P1000224 P1000222

Garden Route – Day 4

Day 4 was my adrenaline rush day! The video is available further down on my page. It was quite a rush! Over 700 feet and the fall only lasted a little over 7 seconds. The best part (besides the thrill of diving off of a bridge) was hanging upside down. It was so serene looking at the ocean upside down and taking in all the scenery. I can’t wait to do it again!

I spent the rest of the day at Plettenburg Bay having lunch and shopping at the local market. We even went to the beach, even though it was quite cold!

P1000174 P1000171 P1000155

Garden Route – Day 3


My friend, Michaelanne, riding an ostrich!

On day 3 we departed early from the backpackers and went to the ostrich farm and Cango Caves. We took pictures, pet, and fed the ostriches. Some people in our group even rode them! The Cango Caves were the most beautiful caverns I have ever been in! Later we checked into our backpackers and had a great home cooked meal made by the owners of the backpackers.
P1000132 P1000117 P1000093

Garden Route – Day 2

On the second day of our spring break I went horseback riding with a few of my fellow AIFSers. We nicknamed my horse “bush horse” because it had a tendency to enjoy going through bushes and trees. We even took a small tree down. Luckily, it was quite comical and I only came out with a couple of bruises. A lot of the forest looked like home, so it was nice to feel like I was back in Upstate New York. Of course, she warned us that there were some warthogs to watch out for and a few poisonous snakes. 10705368_10203817897041362_1026140950_n 10695428_10203817897001361_1353650325_n 10699361_10203817896961360_1523042671_n

Garden Route – Day 1

We drove 6 hours to a town called Wilderness. We stayed at a backpackers right on the beach of the Indian Ocean! When we got there we saw two whales breaching. They served us dinner and breakfast during the two days we stayed there. There was also a bar, pool table, and fire where we all spent time together after our long days.


I slept on the bottom bunk. There were about 15 bunks in this room where other people in my program slept. There was another room like this above us.


You can see the tail of the whale!


The bar with the pool table


Garden Route Bound!

I’m finally done with my midterms and it’s time for ‘spring break’! I’m off to the Garden Route on Friday so I won’t have any contact home. However, I figured I’d give you a break down of my exciting plans. 

Friday: driving for 6 fun-filled hours – at least I’m good at sleeping!

Saturday: horseback riding, beach, and shopping in town

Sunday: Cango Caves and ostrich tour 

Monday: BUNGEE JUMPING! beach, shopping, etc.

Tuesday: Monkeyland, Tenikwa Feline Sanctuary, elephant part

Wednesday: drive back to Stellenbosch for the rest of break

This trip was included in the cost I paid to AIFS for the semester, which was incredibly affordable thanks to the Taylor Scholarship I received (thanks again!). The only things that I had to pay for were the horseback riding and bungee jumping because they are optional. Wish me luck! Bloukrans Bridge is the highest commercial bungee jumping in the world!